Diplomat Excellence A+ Bauhaus Rollerball Pen

Στυλό Diplomat Excellence A+ BAUHAUS Rollerball Pen

• all-metal casing
• high-quality, multi-layered lacquer finish
• screwable cap
• full-metal spring-loaded clip
• Length: 5.4 in (137mm)
• Gift Boxed

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Στυλό Diplomat Excellence A+ BAUHAUS Rollerball Pen

Diplomat extends its Excellence A series by a superior version Excellence A plus, which is equipped with
a spring-loaded clip and a screw-on cap. Here the end user can choose between two versions of high-quality
Excellence versions appropiate to its writing habits and needs. With a short rotation of only 1/3 turns the
cap can be easily and silently unscrewed from the barrel. The spring-loaded clip is made of solid metal.
The Diplomat-typical shape of the clip with stylised flower logo is maintained. Variations of existing
pen models upon request.