Pininfarina PF ONE Silver Fountain

The new era of Design Writing

• Nib (Four sizes: EF – F- M – B)
• Refill Schmidt K6 converter
• Length 14,2 cm
• Weight 33 gr
• Aluminium body
• Packaging size 17,5cm x 4,5cm x 4,5cm
• Folding case
• Designed by Pininfarina

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PF ONE Silver Fountain

The PF ONE collection is completed with the Fountain version. Triangular section aluminum body for perfect ergonomics, integrated rotating clip, always ready to be pinned. PF ONE FOUNTAIN is an extremely functional object obtained through precision mechanics that redefines the canons of fountain pens, an exclusive object in terms of design, technology and utilization, in which every single detail has been studied in relation to its function. Available with steel nib in four sizes (EF, F, M, B), for perfect adaptability to different writing styles.