Diplomat Aero Orange Fountain Pen

Design inspired by the Zeppelin airship

• Full aluminium casing
• Anodized surfaces
• Fountain pen with finely chiselled and polished stainless steel nib
• Groove-like depressions on barrel and cap
• Exclusive closing system « Soft sliding click »
• Length Closed: 5.51 in (140mm)
• Length Open: 5 in (127mm)
• Weight: 0.98 oz (28g)
• Gift Boxed

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Diplomat Aero Orange Fountain Pen

The Diplomat Aero fountain pen in satin Orange features a sculpted anodized aluminium body inspired by
the legendary Zeppelin airship of 1900. The recessions in the barrel reduce the overall weight of the pen
whilst allowing it to keep its large size. Presented in a luxury aluminium gift box