Diplomat Excellence A2 Oxyd Iron Fountain Pen

Πένα Diplomat σειράς Excellence A2 Oxyd Iron

• All-metal casing
• Charcoal gray color obtained by metal oxidation
• Polishing lines visible on the pen for a rich and bright finish
• Fountain Pen with finely chiseled and polished stainless steel nib
• Full-metal spring-loaded clip
• Exclusive closing system « Soft sliding click »
• Length Closed: 138.5mm
• Length Posted: 154mm
• Weight: 46g
• Gift Boxed

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Πένα Diplomat σειράς Excellence A2 Oxyd Iron

All-metal build, charcoal gray color obtained by metal oxidation. Cap is easy to remove, and fits back onto
the pen with a nicely-cushioned click. Cap band is inscribed with ‘Diplomat since 1922’ and ‘made in Germany’.
Sprung pocket clip in polished chrome. End cap features the Diplomat branding. Gloss black grip area.
Stainless-steel nib is inscribed with the Diplomat branding and is superbly smooth. Supplied fitted with
a Diplomat converter for use with bottled ink. Also takes international standard cartridges.

Excellence A2 Skyline pens are beautifully presented in a luxury aluminium giftbox.