Esterbrook Estie Honeycomb Gold Trim Ballpoint Pen

Comfortably balanced ballpoint pen
Blended and turned acrylic with a high polished finish
Sleek gold clip that provides a clean accent for the cap and slides easily to ones shirt pocket

Weight: 24g overall
Measurements: 5.9″

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Esterbrook Estie Honeycomb Gold Trim Ballpoint Pen

As the waning days of summer give way to the changing season, we present our newest Estie, a tribute to the prismatic beauty of a light-filled Honeycomb. Honey is as old as history itself. Used for more than 8000 years by ancient civilizations as a gift to the Gods, archaeologists excavating Egypt’s famous pyramids discovered tombs that contained still-edible 3000 year-old honey. Bees also know the magic of crystallized honey, storing and using it for food as fall arrives and winter approaches. The Estie Honeycomb is flecked with the colors of rich amber, golden sunsets, and is reminiscent of the rainbow of rustling leaves underfoot.