Kaweco PERKEO Roller Ball Old Chambray

Πλαστικό σώμα με εργονομική λαβή για άνετη γραφή.

Includes a black EURO Refill in a stroke width of 0.7 mm.

Writing System: Rollerball
Material: Plastic
Colour: Blue
Length posted: 15.5 cm
Length closed: 14 cm
Weight: 14 g

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Kaweco PERKEO Roller Ball Old Chambray

The Kaweco Perkeo Rollerball Old Chambray offers modern design for your start in the world of
handwriting no matter what age. Visually, the octagonal cap and the 16-sided barrel harmonise
perfectly with each other, as the surfaces at the different angles create a unique play of light and shadow.