Pininfarina Forever Boutonniere Stylus Palladium

The first fancy wearable writing accessory



• Tip in Ethergraf® alloy
• Length 6 cm
• Diameter 0,4 cm
• Weight 12 gr
• Brass body
• Packaging size 8,5cm x 8,5cm x 4,5cm
• Carton box with band
• Total weight with base 81 gr


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A flower in your buttonhole: an object as simple as it is powerful, capable of carrying an entire look thanks to its essentiality.
SIGNATURE S.r.l. recaptures this style symbol and reinterprets it, giving life to the first fancy wearable writing accessory.
Thanks to the elegance of its metal body and ETHERGRAF® tip that doesn’t stain cloth, this stylus is an accessory destined to
leave a mark in any occasion.