Pininfarina Cambiano Box


• Stylus 1 tip in Ethergraf®
• Stylus 2 Ink Ballpoint
• Length 16 cm
• Diameter 10 mm
• Weight 39 gr
• Aluminium body with cedar inserts
• Provided with two solid cedar cases with display function
• Carton box
• Designed by Pininfarina

Κωδικός προϊόντος: NPKRE01687


This Pininfarina Cambiano limited edition pays tribute to the virtues of Leonardo Da Vinci: a man out of the ordinary for his incredible ability to draw and his refined and ingenious mind. Hands’ study of 1474 describes Leonardo’s passion for the invention of small games, combining his artistic talent with his interest in geometry and perspective. A passion shared by other artists, including Escher, who almost 500 years later created the work Drawing hands. The exclusive box contains two cedar bases, decorated with a palindromic composition that give rise to a continuous image, regardless of how they are placed next to each other.