Pininfarina Cambiano Leonardo Drawing


• Tip in Ethergraf® alloy
• Length 16 cm
• Diameter 10 mm
• Weight 39 gr
• Aluminum body with solid walnut wood inserts
• Provided with solid walnut wood box with display function
• Carton box
• Designed by Pininfarina

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Pininfarina Cambiano Leonardo Drawing

This Pininfarina Cambiano limited edition celebrates Leonardo’s genius in his scientific approach to drawing. According to Da Vinci, the observation of natural phenomena and their representation on paper is an instrument of knowledge able to naturally connect disciplines that are very distant from each other. Artist, scientist, engineer and humanist, Leonardo had a multifaceted personality nourished by an ever-evolving curiosity.
His seemingly un-math-related famous Self-Portrait was actually realized according to the expanding pattern of a logarithmic spiral. This mathematical figure, emblem of the golden ratio, is recurrent in nature, from the structure of a simple shell to the shape of galaxies, and it is a universal symbol of perfection.