PF One Fountain Maserati Edition


• Painted Aluminium Body
• Tip Nib – Two sizes: F – M
• Refill Schmidt K6 converter
• Packaging Folding case
• Length 14,2cm
• Diameter 1,2cm
• Weight 33gr

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PF ONE Fountain

A call to Excellence. Pininfarina Segno takes a meaningful step into the realm of world-class international design, striking an alliance with the iconic luxury sportscar firm Maserati. A partnership whose force resides in the common vision and shared values: from the continuous research for excellence in every detail, to the perfect balance between artisan tradition and innovative techniques. The ambitious goal, is to create the most refined set of writing instruments, inspired by the four-wheel jewels of the iconic Trident.

A new way of understanding luxury, enclosed in a prestigious object with a strong stylistic identity. Born from the fortunate conjunction of Pininfarina Segno and Maserati, PF One Fountain Maserati Edition is a writing instrument marked out by elegance and essential lines. The dynamic and all the while refined traits confer the product its unmistakable personality, further enhanced by the classic midnight blue livery and the Maserati trident.