Pininfarina Cambiano Luxury – Pink Gold

Luxury version of the collection plated in gold.
Walnut Pink Gold


• Tip in Ethergraf® alloy
• Length 16,5 cm
• Weight 39 gr
• Aluminium body
• Gold-plated stem (thickness 0.30 micron)
• Inserts in solid walnut wood
• Packaging size 19,5cm x 5cm x 2,7cm
• Solid walnut wood box with display function
• Designed by Pininfarina

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Pininfarina Cambiano Luxury – Pink Gold

Pininfarina Cambiano is dressed in gold in its Luxury version. Cambiano Gold preserves the iconic silhouette of Cambiano reaching a new standard of prestige: the models in light gold and pink gold have in fact a gold-plated stem with a thickness of 0.30 microns, a distinctive sign of class to never pass unnoticed.