Pininfarina Cambiano Kauri 500

The first stylus made from the rarest and oldest wood in the world.

– Inkless, no refill
– 100% Made in Italy
– Tip in Ethergraph (patented metal alloy)
– Aluminum shell
– Inserts in wood Kauri Millenario Riva 1920
– Package in wood Kauri Millenario Riva 1920 function
– Length 16,5 cm
– Weight 39 gr
– Dimensions 19,5cm x 5cm x 2,7cm
– Total weight 222 gr


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Pininfarina CAMBIANO KAURI special edition is the result of the ongoing research of Signature Srl for the Made in Italy excellences, that has now involved Riva1920, a leading company in the furniture industry, with a century of history behind it. The use of the special Millennial Kauri for the creation of the renowned Pininfarina CAMBIANO, designed in 2012, makes this extraordinary “timeless” writing instrument even more unique, combining the harmony of design with the uniqueness of the material, in a perfect blend of details, shapes, colors and surfaces.

Millennial Kauri. It is considered the rarest wood in the world, as it is found only in a very small area in the north of remote New Zealand. Although similar species are found in large quantities in Southeast Asia, the Millennial Kauri (or Swamp Kauri) is unique because it is by far the oldest wood in the world. These green giants were smashed down by tremendous cataclysms in the Pleistocene era and remained intact under the mud of the marshes for 30/40/50 thousand years.

The trees are extracted from the ground, just as the gold and, once brought back to light, they are dated with the Carbon 14 method by the university of Auckland. What makes the Kauri incredibly unique and fascinating is that, despite its millennial permanence under the mud, it is neither rotten nor petrified, allowing the man to work it like a freshly cut wood. Today, New Zealand exports these wonders of nature to the whole world and the best architects and designers turn them into real masterpieces. Another important prerogative of the Millennium Kauri is the ecology, in fact no plants, even those from reforestation, have been cut for the use of this rare wood.