Pininfarina Cambiano Stealth

Inspired by “stealth” invisible jet, featured by a soft-touch opaque treatment.


• Tip in Ethergraf® alloy
• Length 16 cm
• Weight 39gr
• Aluminium body and Inserts in solid walnut wood
• Black soft-touch paint
• Solid walnut wood and black soft-touch paint box with display function
• Packaging size 19,5cm x 5cm x 2,7cm
• Carton packaging
• Designed by Pininfarina

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Pininfarina Cambiano Stealth

The elegance and character of Pininfarina Cambiano turn black in a Limited Edition version with a strong and fierce personality: Pininfarina Cambiano Stealth is a total black stylus that dresses walnut with a special soft-touch paint, for an even more comfortable tactile experience. Cambiano Stealth is completed by the exclusive Ethergraf® tip and a solid walnut base, also painted soft-touch black.