9190-2 Sheaffer Award Brushed Chrome Ballpoint Pen

Στυλό Sheaffer σειράς Award κατασκευασμένο από μέταλλο σε χρώμα ασημί με επιχρωμιωμένες λεπτομέρειες. Μοντέρνα εμφάνιση και απίστευτα άνετη εμπειρία γραφής.

• Brushed Chrome with Chrome Plated Appointments
• Ballpoint pen features rubberized front section
• Smooth, convenient twist action mechanism
• Specially formulated ink flows flawlessly for a smooth writing experience
• Includes 1 Medium Black Ballpoint Refill installed in pen

Length: 131.6 mm
Width: 13.21 mm

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Sheaffer Award Brushed Chrome Ballpoint Pen

Contemporary finishes, with chrome plated trim, the new Sheaffer Award Collection is not only a great pen
but at a great price. The New Award collection in contemporary finishes, with chrome plated trim, offers
the perfect gift at a fantastic price. The highlight of the pen is the chunky profile and rubberized
grip, designed for long hours of writing, and the smooth operating twist mechanism.

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