Sheaffer Prelude Cobalt Blue Fountain Pen

Cobalt Blue Lacquer with Rose Gold Tone trim

Polished stainless steel flexible nib Medium point grade Classic Sheaffer® Skrip black and blue ink cartridges; additional colors available Sheaffer® piston convertor installed

Sheaffer Limited Lifetime Warranty

133.4 mm

Nib: Medium

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Sheaffer Prelude Cobalt Blue Fountain Pen

THE WRITER’S PEN Taking Sheaffer® Prelude® in hand is a heightened experience. Well-known for its high
comfort factor and long referred to as the writer’s pen, Prelude® is expertly balanced to provide true
enjoyment with every stroke. The traditional cigar-shaped silhouette is available in elegant, refined
finishes, making Prelude® a luxurious accessory and a personal statement of style. Bearing the
Sheaffer® White Dot® symbol of quality and prestige, the pen delivers excellence in writing performance
and is backed by a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty.