Kaweco SKETCH UP Pencil 5.6 mm Brilliant

Μολύβι ιδανικό για τεχνικό ή καλλιτεχνικό σχέδιο Kaweco από ορείχαλκο με εργονομική λαβή.

Writing System: Clutch Pencil
Material: Brass
Colour: Silver
Length: 10.3 cm

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Kaweco SKETCH UP Pencil 5.6 mm Brilliant

This model is preferably used for technical and artistic drawing. The high-quality mechanics hold
a mine with a line thickness of 5. 6 mm in the very soft hardness grade 5B. This characteristic makes
it exceptionally light and vibrating. With the push button’s integrated sharpener, the pencil is always
ready for no matter where you are.