9308-3 Sheaffer 100 Blue Lacquer Pencil

Blue Translucent barrel with Brushed Chrome cap featuring chrome plate appointments

• Presented in a self-serve clamshell package

Writing System: Mechanical Pencil
Material: Brass
Colour: Blue
Length: 138.7 mm
Width: 10.7 mm

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 9308-3


Sheaffer 100 Blue Lacquer Pencil

The Sheaffer® 100 makes a great gift for celebrating an occasion or kicking off a new chapter.
With its modern design, timeless finish options, and balanced feel, it is the perfect tool for
letting ideas flow effortlessly onto the page. For anyone who enjoys writing, the Sheaffer 100 is
an affordable way to bring that experience up a notch while also making an impression.