9413-2 Sheaffer VFM Luminous Lavender Ballpoint Pen

Στυλό Sheaffer σειράς VFM μεταλλικό σε χρώμα λεβάντας με επινικελωμένες λεπτομέρειες

• Luminous Lavender finish featurning nickel plate trim
• Click propel/repel mechanism
• Specially formulated ink flows flawlessly for a smooth writing experience
• Includes 1 Medium Black Ballpoint Refill installed in pen
• Presented in a self-serve clamshell package

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Sheaffer VFM Luminous Lavender Ballpoint Pen

The popular Sheaffer VFM makes an impact with its modern, tapered silhouette. It comes in a wide range of finishes from creative and colorful to smart and sophisticated. Its performance is backed by the Sheaffer White Dot®, our symbol of writing excellence.

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137.2 mm


11 mm