Pininfarina Cambiano Cedro H2 Speed

Special Edition with H2 Speed sketch.


• Tip in Ethergraf® alloy
• Length 16 cm
• Diameter 10 mm
• Weight 39gr
• Aluminium body with cedar inserts
• Provided with cedar wood box with display function
• Customization on the side with H2 Speed model (UV Printing)
• Carton box
• Designed by Pininfarina

Pininfarina Cambiano Kauri 500

The first stylus made from the rarest and oldest wood in the world.

– Inkless, no refill
– 100% Made in Italy
– Tip in Ethergraph (patented metal alloy)
– Aluminum shell
– Inserts in wood Kauri Millenario Riva 1920
– Package in wood Kauri Millenario Riva 1920 function
– Length 16,5 cm
– Weight 39 gr
– Dimensions 19,5cm x 5cm x 2,7cm
– Total weight 222 gr

Pininfarina Cambiano Stealth

Inspired by “stealth” invisible jet, featured by a soft-touch opaque treatment.


• Tip in Ethergraf® alloy
• Length 16 cm
• Weight 39gr
• Aluminium body and Inserts in solid walnut wood
• Black soft-touch paint
• Solid walnut wood and black soft-touch paint box with display function
• Packaging size 19,5cm x 5cm x 2,7cm
• Carton packaging
• Designed by Pininfarina

Pininfarina Codex

The Codex project takes inspiration from the “Cryptex”, invented by Dan Brown in his bestseller “The Da Vinci Code” and attributed by the writer to Leonardo da Vinci. The name Cryptex, born from the union of “cryptology” and “codex”, is an imaginary device that inside the book conceals informations, reachable by guessing the correct sequence of letters among those present on the rotating disks, just as for Codex.
Codex is a coffer able to enclose an object, preserving it as a precious treasure, far from the eyes; an iconic product that completes a design desk, giving it an elegant and mysterious character.

• Aluminium body with solid walnut inserts
• Contains inside: Pininfarina Cambiano stylus with walnut inserts
• Tip in Ethergraf® alloy
• Length 23,5 cm
• Diameter 63 mm
• Weight 1331 gr
• Carton box
• Designed by Claudia Gentili