Sheaffer 300 Matte Green Lacquer Ballpoint Pen

Modern matte green lacquer with polished black trim

• Smooth, convenient twist action mechanism
• Specially formulated ink flows flawlessly for a smooth writing experience
• Includes 1 Medium Black Ballpoint Refill installed in pen
• Iconic slotted clip
• Presented in a luxury gift box
• Lifetime Mechanical Warranty

Writing System: Ballpoint Pen
Material: Brass
Colour: Green
Length: 137.7 mm
Width: 13.21 mm
Weight: 26 g

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Sheaffer 300 Matte Green Lacquer Ballpoint Pen

Writers who take a strong position prefer a pen that takes a strong stance. Sheaffer® 300 makes
its presence known with a commanding, structured profile and excellence in writing performance.
A bit of a maverick, 300 boldly bridges the worlds of the traditional and the unexpected.

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